The Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare is an integrated mental healthcare system comprising a multidisciplinary team of experts including psychiatrists, clinical and counselling psychologists, art and movement based therapists, remedial experts, psychodynamic psychotherapists, organizational behavior psychologists and sport psychologists. Led by Dr. Samir Parikh,ours is globally one of the only multi-city multi-centric comprehensive mental health programs, with a presence in 24 centers across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mohali and Ludhiana.

The Clinical Services offered by the department range across the fields of Psychiatry and Psychology. Experts from the fields of Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy, Psycho-oncology, Sport Psychology, Art Based Therapy, Organizational Behaviour and Child Remediation work together as a part of the larger team.

Our Fortis School Mental Health Programme comprises of interactive talks and workshops for students, teachers and parents, designed to address concerns around child and adolescent mental health. As a part of this initiative, we run two specialized programmes - the Fortis Prosocial Peer Moderator Programme and the Fortis School Counsellor Forum

Moving along, the Fortis Organizational Psychology Initiative aims at optimising the performance of organizations through scientifically validated knowledge of human psychology and organizational behaviour.

Yet another facet is the Fortis Sport Psychology programme that combines our clinical and sport psychological expertise to optimize sport performance. It is our endeavour to create holistic intervention plans that address the needs of individual players while taking into account aspects of team dynamics.

We also extend our services through the Fortis Community Outreach programme which is geared towards creating awareness of mental health concerns, promoting remedial interventions and engaging in knowledge and capacity building interventions for volunteers working in the community sector.

We take pride in our Academic Programme, born out of a vision to furthering the academic development of both students and professionals in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry. As part of this initiative, the department runs intensive internship programmes that expose the minds of motivated learners to the clinical and non-clinical aspects of mental health and also provide for workshops, training seminars and conferences on clinical topics.